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The Influence of Row Spacing on Yield and Quality Levels of Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.) Seed in Agroecological Conditions of South Serbia

By: Dragoljub Beković, Rade Stanisavljević, Slaviša Stojković, Milan Biberdžić Jasmina Knežević

Key Words: Sainfoin, Row spacing, Agroecological conditions, Seed yield, Seed quality.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(5), 242-248, May 2016.



In agroecological conditions of South Serbia, the influence that row spacing has on sainfoin seeds yield and quality was examined. The Makedonka cultivar was sown at the row spacing of 20,40 and 60 cm. The three year average seed yield of 483.5 kg ha-1 was made. The first year yielded the lowest (256.1 kg ha-1), whereas the highest was in the third and last year of research (649.0 kg ha-1). With respect to the row spacing, the highest yields were achieved at 40 cm (514.3 kg ha-1), and the lowest at 20 cm (428.7 kg ha-1). The row spacing had a significant effect on the quality of the seed. The highest germination energy (86.7%), seed germination (90.4%), 1000 kernel weight (25.2 g), along with the lowest hard share of hard kernels (3.5 %) were obtained at 60 cm of row spacing.


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