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The Effect Of Protease Enzyme Supplementation to Productivity Eggs Of Alabio Duck

By: Danang Biyatmoko, Tintin Rostini

Key Words: Protease enzyme, Alabio duck, egg production, egg weight, FCR.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(2), 203-208, February 2016.



Efforts to increase egg production in poultry, including ducks this time a lot is done by manipulating the feed, one of which has been developed and has a good prospect is the supplementation of enzymes including protease enzyme in poultry. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of enzyme supplementation on the productivity of duck eggs Alabio. The method used in this study using completely randomized design with 4 treatments and 5 replications, where each repetition consisted of five ducks, so the number of ducks research is 100 laying ducks. Factors to be tested is a protease enzyme supplementation in the diet of ducks consists of five factors, these factors are E1 = control ration without enzyme supplementation; E2 = 0.10% enzyme supplementation in the ration; E3 = 0.15% enzyme supplementation in the ration; E4 = 0.30% enzyme supplementation in the ration; and E5 = 0.5% of enzyme supplementation in the ration. Variables measured in the study was the rate of egg production (henday production), egg weight, feed conversion, feed intake. The results showed that the best treatment supplementation of enzymes substantially improve and increase the performance of duck egg production Alabio where supplementation of 0.15% protease enzyme in the ration (E3), because it can improve egg production rate to 83.51% henday production, egg weight with the highest achievements of egg weight 64.36 g.egg-1, and the feed conversion ratio (FCR) at 3.01.


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