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The effect of different soil and shade regime on germination and growth pattern of Dodonaea viscosa (Linn.) Jacq., in Malakand division

By: Siraj Ahmad, Nasrullah Khan, Fazal Hadi, Murad Ali, Khaista Rahman

Key Words: Dodonaea viscosa, Soil types, Seed germination, Shade regimes, Hindukush range.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(1), 169-177, July 2016.



Both soil and shade are the most essential factors for the establishment and growth of plants. The study investigated two stages of Dodonaea viscosa reproduction, seed germination and seedling growth on various screening effects of four combinations i.e. B1S1-seeds sowed in pure Garden soil; B2S2-seeds sowed in field soil substrate containing organic manure (Humus); B3S3-seeds sowed in original soil collected from the field (OS-Original soil); B4S4-seeds sowed in undergrowth soil substrate and placed under shade of trees. The seeds were sowed according to their polarity in the bags, which were arranged according to a randomized complete block design (RCBD), with four treatments per block and four repeats. Each experimental unit included 30 plant pots, each of which contained three seeds. The results showed significantly different impacts on D. viscosa seed germination in the soil types with various textural, physiochemical compositions and the influence of shade. Various soils type and shade regimes from different sites of the study area have significant differences (p < 0.05) for germination percentage, leaf morphology, stem diameter, height, cover, root length and above ground biomass respectively Germination percentage was adversely influenced by shade. In the comparisons among original soil with same environmental factor, it was always showed that germination rate of seeds was higher in the order of Garden soil, Humus mixed soil, and soil placed in shade. It was concluded from the results that Dodonaea viscosa have variable response to different soil substrate and shade and well adopted to original soil with open sunshine.


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