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Taxonomic cheracterization of some moss families of Mansehra, Pakistan

By: Mazhar-ul-Islam, Jan Alam, Muhammad Fiaz, Abdul Majid

Key Words: Enclyptaceae, Hedwigiaceae, Mansehra, Pleurocarpous, Timmiaceae.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(1), 331-340, July 2016.



This paper deals with the taxonomic studies of the representative species of five moss families; Enclyptaceae, Hedwigiaceae, Hypopterygiaceae, Splachnaceae and Timmiaceae reported from Mansehra District-Pakistan. Among these Enclyptaceae and Timmiaceae are acrocarpous while Hedwigiaceae, Hypopterygiaceae and Splachnaceae are Pleurocarpous. The aim of this study was the critical taxonomic characterization of the rare species of the mentioned families and to check the distribution of in the District Mansehra. Only one specimen of Enclypta streptocarpa, Timmia megapolitana and Tayloria froelichiana, collected by previous workers were examined in this study, no new specimen were found in the study area in recent investigation; however Hypopterygium flavolimbatum is collected from two more localities of the district. Hedwigia ciliata is new record for the district and occurred in one locality. The investigation is based on study of plants through extensive field surveys conducted from May 2013 to Jun 2015 along previously collected specimens hosted at Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH). For identification examination of specimens was done both on morphological and anatomical basis. Detailed taxonomic descriptions, dates, collectors name, locality, key notes and Voucher specimen number has been given for each species along with altitude. This study reveals that the analyzed species are very rare in not only in the study area but also in Pakistan, Timmia megapolitana Tayloria froelichiana and Enclypta streptocarpa were found extinct in the study area. The current study will help to upgrade the existing information’s of the mosses taxonomy and distribution in the district Mansehra with special reference to Pakistan.


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