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Some quality parameters of kordofan groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) oil in relation to sudanese standards

By: A. M. Babeker, A. A. Abdalla, A. I. Ahmed, A. R. Ahmed

Key Words: Groundnuts oil, Good manufacturing practices (GMP), Physicochemical proprieties, Greater kordofan, Sudan

Int. J. Biosci. 9(4), 229-235, October 2016.



The present work was conducted to evaluate the physicochemical properties of the native groundnut oil processed in Kordofan region in order to investigate the effect of environmental processing and handling on quality (Good Manufacturing Practices -GMP-) with respect to SSMO, 1995 and Codex Alimentarius, 2005. Ten samples of groundnut oil were collected from the four major oil producing localities of the Greater Kordofan region i.e. Sheikan (Five expellers), Elnuhud (Three expellers), Elrahad (One), and Um Rowaba (One expeller). The oil samples (two samples from each expeller) were collected and kept in dry bottles sealed tidily and labeled, then transferred to the laboratory to assess the quality parameters, which include color degree, viscosity, refractive Index, density, impurities, moisture content, acid value, FFA%, peroxide, anisidine and Totox values. The results indicated that the degree of colors ranges1.41 – 2.70, while viscosity ranges 39.0- 47.0 poise. The Refractive index ranges 1.4 – 1.5. Impurity ranges 3.0- 4.0%, the moisture ranges 0.01-0.34%, the acid value ranges 1.42 -4.0free fatty acids ranges 1.02% -3%;the peroxide value ranges 5-12.0 meqO2/kg, anisidine value ranges 5.70- 28.06 meq/kg, the totox value rangeds15.70 -52.04 meq/kg. The color degree and Refractive Index for ten oil samples were within the standards limit, while the viscosity, density and impurities were significantly higher than the acceptable standards limitation. The moisture contents for all samples were higher than the recommended limit, while the acid value, FFA% and peroxide value of the all oil samples were in agreement with the both standards.


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