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Revision completed-Morphological diversity of 83 rice accessions for qualitative and quantitative parameters

By: Muhammad Ismaeel, Syed Mehar Ali Shah, Akhtar Nawaz, Aziz Ur Rehman, Said Suliman, Amanullah Khan

Key Words: Accessions, Genetic diversity, Germplasm, Genotypes, Qualitative, Quantitative

Int. J. Biosci. 9(3), 158-169, September 2016.



This research was conducted to study indigenous rice germplasm for 15 qualitative and 8 quantitative characteristics at The University of Agriculture Peshawar-Pakistan, during 2010 rice crop growing season. Eighty three rice accessions were planted in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) using two replications. Sufficient genetic variation was displayed by the rice genotypes for most of the traits studied. Accession 006511 showed maximum panicle length (38.7 cm) whereas accession 006505 exhibited maximum grain length (10.2 mm). Maximum grain width (4.08 mm) was displayed by the accession 006702. Maximum number of spike lets panicle-1 (362.0) and grain yield plot-1 (1.8 kg) were observed for the accession 006630. Accessions 006778 and 006549 displayed maximum values for 1000-grain weight (41.4 g) and biological yield plot-1 (5.7 kg).. Cluster analysis for qualitative traits revealed five clusters at a dissimilarity level of 7.47. At a dissimilarity level of 6.22 six clusters were observed for quantitative traits. The genetic potential of the accessions 006630,006549, 006511, 006778, 006505 and 006702 on account of their high values for various traits of interest can be exploited in future rice breeding program.


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