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Regeneration status of Dodoneae viscosa in malakand division

By: Siraj Ahmad, Nasrullah Khana

Key Words: Dodoneae viscose, Seedling, Sapling regeneration, Environmental variables, Regression.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(6), 54-63, June 2016.



The regeneration status of Dodonaea viscosa communities was investigated in Malakand division. It lies in Hindukash 71.43° South to 73.85° North and 36.07° West to 36.40° East. Seedling and sapling data was collected using quadrat method. Various physical and chemical factors were measured. Density/ha of seedling, sapling and mature plants of Dodonaea were calculated. Pearson’s correlation and regression analysis were performed. In protected area the high density of seedling, sapling and mature plants observed respectively which show the normal regeneration, however overgrazing and anthropogenic activities delimits natural regeneration of Dodoneae. Highest density of seedling and sapling at altitude (1083) m observed in group III and then decrease gradualy. Pearson’s correlation co-efficient showed a positive relationship between sapling and seedling densities (p > 0.001), sapling and organic matter (p > 0.05) seedling and organic matter, while a negative significant relationship was found between sapling and soil pH (p > 0.05), seedling and soil pH (p > 0.001), as well as sapling and elevation (P > 0.01). Regression analysis showed positive relationship between Seedling and Sapling (r =0.919 at P > 0.001), sapling /organic matte (r=0.457 at P > 0.05). The Seedling/Elevation showed a negative significant relationship (r = 0.525 at P > 0.01). The R-values of regression analysis of seedling/soil pH and sapling /pH was r = 0.529, r = 0.386 respectively, which shows a negative significant relationship of pH with seedling and sapling at the p-values P > 0.01, P > 0.05.


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