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Performance of GSR genotype as influenced by different crop establishment methods

By: H. Ferdous, M. R. Karim, P. S. Saha, M. J. Rahman, M. A. Kabir, M. S. Islam

Key Words: Dry and wet direct line seeding, Growth duration

Int. J. Biosci. 9(4), 157-168, October 2016.



Different crop establishment methods are used in Asian rice cultivation system. Though transplanting is the most popular method, farmers also tend to direct seeding to reduce production cost. A field trial was conducted to evaluate the performance of newly selected Green Super Rice (GSR) genotype under dry direct line seeding, wet direct line seeding and conventional tillage puddle transplanting methods at BRAC Agricultural Research and Development Centre (BARDC), Gazipur during Boro 2012-13 and Aman 2013. . Performance of HHZ-15-DT7-SAL4-SAL1 was evaluated in both the seasons. Two BRRI released varieties BRRI dhan28 and BRRI dhan39 were used as check in Boro and Aman, respectively. Experiment was conducted following split-plot design with three replications accommodating genotypes (G1= HHZ-15-DT7-SAL4-SAL1, G2= In case of Boro BRRI dhan28 and in Aman BRRI dhan39) in sub plot and different establishment methods (M1= Dry direct line seeded method, M2= Wet direct line seeded method, M3=conventional tillage puddle transplanting method) in main plot. Establishment methods had significant effects on yield and yield attributes. Growth duration significantly varied in both the seasons. In Boro, maturity duration for GSR genotype and check variety was similar but 25 days shorter in Aman seasonIn Boro, HHZ-15-DT7-SAL4-SAL1 gave higher yield as wet direct line seeded rice . Also this genotype showed statistically similar yield in both wet direct line seeded (4.92 tha-1) and conventional tillage puddle transplanting (4.91 tha-1) method in Aman 2013. In both the seasons, HHZ-15-DT7-SAL4-SAL1 produced the highest yield regardless of all establishment methods.


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