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Multivariate analysis for yield contributing traits in wheat-Thinopyrum bessarabicum addition and translocation lines

By: Noshin Shafqat, Habib Ahmed, Armghan Shehzad, Faisal Ali, Shafqat Ullah, Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Jalal-Ud-Din

Key Words: PCA, Cluster analysis, Correlation, Wheat, Phenotypic traits, Addition and translocation lines.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(1), 34-44, July 2016.



For world food security development of high yielding cultivars through identification of genetic diversity is also an important tool. The objective of the present experiment was to get complementary information about different yield contributing characters and to identify the diversity among addition and translocation lines which would assist the plant breeders in making their selection for developing high yielding cultivars. Twenty one wheat genotype including seven wheat- T bessarabicum addition and nine translocation lines along with amphiploid, CS, Genaro and two BC1 self fertile lines were grown to study thirteen phenotypic characteristics in two year field experiment, using a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. Multivariate statistical analysis was used to understand the data structure and trait relations. Simple correlation coefficients depicted highly significant correlation of grain yield per plant with the number of seeds, seed weight per spike, and significant association with spike weight and days to heading. Principal component analysis revealed that five components explained 87% of the total variation among traits. The first PCA contributes maximum portion of total variability (29%) and was more related to spike weight, number of seeds per spike, seed weight per spike, days to heading and grain yield per plant. Cluster analysis assigned 21 genotypes into four clusters. Multivariate statistical analysis revealed that this genetic stock has potential to enhance yield of wheat cultivars and traits like spike length, spike weight, number of spike per plant, number of grain per spike, grain weight per spike, and 1000 grain- weight should be used as selection criteria.


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