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Mud Cake Composting by Trichoderma viride APT01 to Improve Growth and Productivity of Apple

By: Arief Budiono, Suharjono Suharjono, Imam Santoso, Soemarno Soemarno

Key Words: Apple farm, compost, mud cake, productivity.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(2), 177-183, February 2016.



Market’s demand of apple from Batu is increase, but productivity of apple plants is decrease over time. In others hand, farmers always use inorganic fertilizers to soil and countinously plant it to reach target of the productivity. This activity will cause deficiency of organic matterials until < 1%, whereas ideal organic materials in soil is > 3%. So, this research was conducted to know more information about effect of mud cake composting (APT01 compost) on productivity (quality and quantity) of apple plants in apple farm area, Gabes, Tulungrejo Village, Bumiaji Sub-District, Batu. APT01 and Bokashi compost (positive control) as much as 10 and 20 kg per tree was added to 4,0 – 4,5 years old apple plants the day after defoliation. After 3 (SR3) and 4 (SR4) months defoliation and harvest time (SPN) receive such treatments, the production of fruit (number and weight) were calculated. Furthermore, the data was processed by analysis of variance (ANOVA). The results showed that 20 kg APT01 compost addition gave the best result to improve quality and quantity productivity of apple plants than Bokashi compost in SPN. The 20 kg APT01 compost addition supressed the fruit loss until 13.85% and improve fruit weight until 49.11%.


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