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Marker-assisted selection and pyramiding of I1 and Ph3 genes for multiple disease resistance in tomato through PCR analysis

By: Kehkashan Akbar, Fida Muhammad Abbasi, Muhammad Sajid, Mehboob Ahmad, Zaheer Ullah Khan, Aziz-Ud-Din, Hamid Ali

Key Words: SSR Markers, SCAR marker, Lycopersicon esculentum.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(3), 108-113, September 2016.



Fusarium wilt and late blight are the most devastating diseases of tomato that causes significant yield loses all over the world. Genetic host resistance is the most effective way to control these problems. Marker assisted selection (MAS) was carried out to screen 46 genotypes of tomato for the presence of Fusarium wilt resistance gene (I1) and late blight resistance gene (Ph3). For this purpose allele specific SSR marker Tom-144 and SCAR marker SCU602 were used that are tightly linked to I1 and Ph3 genes, respectively. In the present study 17 genotypes showed the presence of I1 gene and 13 genotypes showed the presence of Ph3 gene while five genotypes were found to possess both I1 and Ph3 genes. Thus we have successfully pyramided I1 and Ph3 genes into five tomato lines that are accessions 1008, 017878, 017868, 0101 and 1002. These genotypes are highly resistant to both Fusarium wilt and late blight of tomato and thus should be released as resistant inbred lines for general cultivation by farmers.


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