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Isolation and Identification of Vibrio nereis and Vibrio harveyi in farm raised Penaeus monodon marine shrimp

By: Sadhan Kumar Mondal, Md. Bakhtiar Lijon, Md. Rubayet Reza, Tasneema Ishika

Key Words: Enumeration, Identification, Penaeus monodon, Vibrio nereis, Vibrio harveyi.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(4), 55-61, April 2016.



The present research work was conducted for the isolation and identification of Vibrio nereis and Vibrio harveyi in farm raised Penaeus monodon shrimp on three commercial ghers. Shrimp (n=6) were collected from three ghers located at Satkhira district of Bangladesh. Intestinal (n= 6) samples were collected and the intestine of shrimp was taken into a test tube containing 10 ml of sterile distilled water and mixed well by vortex mixer machine. The resulting solution was then used to prepare serial dilution. 1ml of this suspension was transferred to 9 ml of sterile distilled water for tenfold (1:10) dilution and further diluted up to 104 dilutions. For enumeration of bacteria 1ml of diluted samples were inoculated on petri plate aseptically before pouring the nutrient agar on the plates and incubated at 10°C, 27°C, 37°C and 45°C for 24-48 hours. After incubation total bacteria was counted and well-spaced colony was marked for isolation. Isolated colony was then streaked on nutrient agar for pure culture. For isolation of Vibrio spp. pure bacterial culture was then streaked on TCBS agar plate. Identification of bacteria was performed by cultural, staining and biochemical properties. One Vibrio harveyi and one Vibrio nereis isolates were identified in Penaeus monodon shrimp. The results of this study indicate that Penaeus monodon shrimp harbor Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio nereis which might cause vibriosis in shrimp and public health problem if enter into human food chain.


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