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Induction of Striga hermonthica germination and haustorium initiation by Allelochemicals produced by millet cultivars

By: Amani Hamad Eltayeb, Mohammed Mahgoub Hassan, Samia Osman Yagoub, Abdel AlGabar E. Babiker

Key Words: Allelopathy, Millet cultivars, Striga, Residue, germination, haustoria.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(4), 1-10, April 2016.



Laboratory experiments were conducted to evaluate the allelopathic potential of 16 millet cultivars on early developmental stages of Striga. Millet leaves and roots residue dry matter powder with different level was used for the bioassays on Striga germination and haustorium using Fuji techniques. Result revealed that leaves residue of the cultivar DST displayed the highest germination (26.3%), followed in descending order by Ashana (24.0%), SADCL (23.2 %) and KMV221 (22.1%). However, leave residue from Sudan III was completely inhibited germination. Generally, the depressive effects of the leaves powder decreased with increasing concentration, irrespective to cultivars. With respect to root residue, result revealed that DM sustained the highest germination (54.83%). However, root residue from KMV155 and MCSRC displayed negligible germination. Germilings from seeds induced to germination by millet, irrespective of cultivars and plant parts showed pre-mature haustoria. A further increase in amount of leaves residue to 100 mg or more increased haustorium formation, but not significantly (68.2-70.9%). The leaves residue of KMV221, SADCL and Ashana cultivars displayed the highest haustoria. However, Striga inoculated with Sudan III leaves powder completely inhibited haustorium. Root powder of SADCL, UGANDI and Sudan III cultivars induced between 70.1 – 75.9% haustoria. However, KMV155 and OK-ashana cultivars sustained the lowest haustoria initiation (5-6.4%). The use of millet residue could diminish the global soil seed bank of Striga and reduce our reliance on synthetic herbicides.


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