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In vivo anticancer activities of Co(II)-Benzoin Thiosemicarbazone Complex [Co(BTSC)2]

By: Hossain Mohammad Zakir, Md. Khairul Islam, Md. Rakib Hasan, Shaikh M Mohsin Ali, Mele Jesmin

Key Words: Antineoplastic activity, EAC cells, Cobalt benzoin thiosemicarbazone complex, Hematological prameters, Morphological change.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(4), 209-220, October 2016.



Cancer, a diverse group of diseases characterized by the proliferation and spread of abnormal cells, is a major worldwide problem. In order to find out new anticancer drug Co(II) complex with benzoin thiosemicarbazone was synthesized and characterized. Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma (EAC) cells were used to evaluate the anticancer activities of benzoin thiosemicarbazone complex with Co(II) in swiss albino mice. The anticancer activities were studied by monitoring tumor cell growth inhibition, tumor weight measurement, survival time of tumor bearing swiss albino mice. Hematological parameters of normal and EAC cells bearing treated mice were also studied. The apoptotic cell morphological changes of the treated EAC cells were confirmed by fluorescence and optical microscope. It has been found that the compound enhanced life span, reduced average tumor weight and inhibited tumor cell growth of EAC cell bearing mice remarkably. The results were compared with those obtained with a standard anticancer drug bleomycin. The hematological parameters (WBC, RBC, hemoglobin content and differential counts) were found to be significantly changed as compared to those of the normal mice. These parameters restored more or less towards normal when treated with the test compound.


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