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Improvement of local upland rice utilizing mixture of microbes: resistance, yield and reduction of chemical fertilizer usage

By: Muhammad Taufik, Teguh Wijayanto, Gusnawaty HS, Andi Nurmas, Syamsu Alam, La Ode Santiaji, Sarawa

Key Words: Fertilizer usage, Local upland rice, Mixture of microbes, Rice yield, Resistance

Int. J. Biosci. 9(5), 97-107, November 2016.



Local upland rice is important and contributes to the total production of rice in Indonesia. However, its contribution was stiil low compared to paddy rice. It is essential to improve the resistance of local upland rice crops to pathogens, to increase its yield potential, and to reduce chemical fertilizer use. This can be accomplished by the use of a mixture of microbes i.e, trichoderma, rhizobacteria and michoriza. The objectives of the experiment were to study the resistance of rice plants to disease, rice yield and to reduce the chemical fertilizer use for upland rice. This research used Completely Randomized Design in a split plot pattern consisting of two factors. The first factor was fertilizer dose, with three levels, and the second factor was a mixture of microbes, consisting of four levels. The research results showed that the mixture of microbes siginificantly influenced the rice yield components such as panicle length, 1000 grain weight and yield. The microbes significantly improved rice yield, for up to 5 ton/ha compared to farmer’s fertilization method, yielding only 1-2 ton/ha. The microbes could improve resistance of rice plants against the disease infected by Helminthosporium sp. on vegetative and generative phases. The microbe use reduced fertilizer usage for up to 25%. The study concludes that the mixture of microbes induces resistance, improves rice yield and reduces chemical fertilizer use. This study needs to be continued at different field locations to get additional data to support the finding results.

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