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Identification of fragrance gene in some elite advance lines of rice cultivated in foothills of the Himalayas

By: Hamid Ali, Fida Muhammad Abbasi, Habib Ahmad, Aziz-Ud-Din, Abzar, Abdullah Khan, Muhammad Abid Khan, Irfan Ullah, Aqib Zeb, Adnan Sarwar

Key Words: Oryza sativa, Aroma, Grain Quality, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Int. J. Biosci. 8(1), 47-54, January 2016.



A molecular survey was conducted for the screening of fragrance (fgr) gene in some elite advance lines of rice developed by Dr. Fida Muhammad Abbasi, Professor at Department of Genetics Hazara University Mansehra. Sequence Tag Site (STS) marker RG 28L was used in this study that amplified 140 and 120 bp fragment in fragrant and non-fragrant genotypes, respectively. Among the cultivated varieties Basmati-385 and Swat-1 showed the presence of fgr gene (140 bp amplicon) while IRBB59, JP-5, Fakhre Malakand, and IR24 were lacking this gene. Among the advance lines 12 genotypes showed the presence of fgr gene (140), two genotypes (NPT-86 and Line 36) were segregating while the remaining 16 genotypes were lacking this gene. Grain length of genotypes was also measured that ranges from 4.67 t0 8.10 mm. On the basis of grain length the genotypes were categorized into short, medium, long and extra-long. In this study 4 genotypes possessed extra-long, 17 long, 13 medium and only 2 have short grains.


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