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Identification and molecular characterization of endophytic bacteria isolated from wheat roots with biotechnological potential in agriculture

By: Adel E. Elbeltagy, Hassan M. Emara, Mohamed M. Hassan, H.I. Abbas, Ahmed Gaber, Ghada E. Dawwam

Key Words: Wheat, Endophytic bacteria, Plant growth promotion, RAPD-PCR, 16S rRNA sequencing.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(4), 43-54, April 2016.



Bacterial root endophytes reside in a vast number plant species as a part of their root microbiome. Some of them have been shown to positively influence in plant growth. Here, six bacterial isolates namely W1, W3, W7, W11, W12, and W15 were obtained from surface sterilized healthy roots of wheat. This isolates showing positive ability for IAA production, nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization activity. As an indication of favorable bacterial action, isolateW11 showed the highest functional potentialities in relation to plant growth promoting activities among the other isolates and increased the total dry weight of root and shoot by 200% and 180%, respectively. Moreover, the bio-inoculation of wheat root with W11 resulted in significant increase in the N, P and K concentrations of the shoot after 30 days of inoculation by 82%, 37.5%, and 59%, respectively. Consequently, the three more efficient isolates namely W11, P31 and P35 were identified as Arthrobacter arilaitensis, Bacillus anthracis and Achromobacter spanius, respectively, by sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene. Furthermore, molecular biodiversity of these three isolates were done using eight random primer of RAPD-PCR and the fragments size ranged from 100-5920 bp. From These results showed that W11 strain proposed as potential microbial inoculants or biofertilizers for sustainable wheat production in reclamation soil in Egypt because of its benefit and biosafety.


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