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How medicinal herbs become hazardous to human health?

By: U. A. Talpur, I. Rajpar, S. M. Bhatti, P. A. Baloch, F. K. Nizamani

Key Words: Medicinal herbs, Human health, Hazards.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(1), 215-224, July 2016.



Risks of medicinal herbs from their inception, identification, collection, handling, drying, processing, packaging, labeling, storing and finally selling to consumers is highlighted with especial focus on their toxicity to human health. Medicinal herbs under substandard environment may raise many concerns about human health. This review indicates that medicinal herbs are only safe and effective to human health when grown in friendly environments i.e. the environment free from synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, heavy metals, impure and unsterilized manures, municipal wastes and salts. Further, this review also specifies about post-harvest practices that may also influence the efficacy of the herbs. It is concluded that the medicinal herbs have only become consumable and includable in herbal medicine system, when they are grown in non-toxic environment.


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