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Growth responses of Solanum melongena L. treated with Carica papaya L. crude latex extract at different concentrations

By: Jeana S. Macalood, Helen J. Vicent, Jessie G. Gorospe, Renato D. Boniao, Elnor C. Roa, Maria Luisa S. Orbita

Key Words: Aspergillus niger, Fungicide, Larvicide, Leucinodes orbonalis, Solanum melongena L.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(1), 178-202, July 2016.



Carica papaya latex is reported to be insecticidal, bacteriocidal, molluscicidal and fungicidal which are beneficial in agriculture. A complete randomized design (CRD) experiment was conducted to determine the growth responses of Solanum melongena treated with Carica papaya crude latex extract at different concentrations. Field results show that the mean stem height (sh) was 40.7 cm trial 1 (T1) antifungal activity (AFA) and 35.0 cm (T3) for larvicidal activity (LA); stem diameter (sd) was 3.2 cm (T3 and T5) for AFA and 3.1 cm (T4, T3 and T2) for LA. The total number of leaves (L) were 122 (T1: AFA) and 100 (T2: LA). For AFA, the mean number of damaged or infested leaves (diL) was 3.0 for T2, T3 and T5 and 2.0 for all treatments in LA. The mean number of damaged or infested shoots (dish) was 2 (T5) for AFA and 1 for all treatments for LA. The total means number of flowers (fl) were 3 flowers for AFA and 2 flowers for LA. The mean number of fruits (ft) yielded 7ft with only 3 marketable fruits (Mft) for AFA (T2) and 1 Mft for LA (T1, T3 and T4). The mean fruit weights (Wft) were 30.56 g for AFA (T2) and 11.11 g for LA (T3 and T4). Carica papaya crude latex extract could potentially mitigate S. melongena pests such as L. orbonalis larvae (as larvicide) and A. niger (as fungicide) based on the results.


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