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Evaluation of Maize Genotypes for Some Quantitative Traits in the Agro-Climatic Conditions of Swat Valley

By: Irfan Ullah, Dr. Sher Aslam Khan, Akhter Ali, Khwaja Muhammad Khan, Dr. Naushad Ali, Dr. Ayub Khan, Ahmed Ali, Ibrar Khan, Izhar Khan, Hanif Raza

Key Words: Maize, Genotypic Correlation, Phenotypic Correlation.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(2), 77-81, February 2016.



The present study was carried out at Agriculture Research Institute (North) Mingora (ARI-N) Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the evaluation of 20 maize genotypes for ten quantitative traits in the agro-climatic conditions of Swat valley with the aim to reveal information on the nature and degree of genetic variability, the pattern of association between yield and its components characters. The experiment was layout in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. Data for ten traits including days to germination, days to 50% tasseling, days to 50% silking, plant height (cm), ear height (cm), ear diameter, kernel rows ear-1, number of kernels row-1, 100 grain weight (g), grain yield (t ha-1) was recorded and analyzed. Analysis of variance revealed significant differences among the genotypes for the all the studied traits which confirm the presence of genetic diversity. Seed yield revealed significant positive phenotypic correlation with Plant height, Ear diameter, Kernel row ear-1, Kernel row-1 and 100 grain weight. Similarly days to 50% silking, ear diameter, kernal rows ear-1 and kernal row. Among the tested genotypes, BKC-07 was early maturing type which took 111 days to maturity, while the genotype Islamabad Gold out yielded all the tested genotypes including the check cultivars by producing 4.8 t ha-1 maize seed. It was followed V2-Jalal-78 (4.63 t ha-1). These genotypes may further studied for yield and maturity to identify better performing lines for site specific and wider adaptations.


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