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Ethno medicinal attributes and antioxidant screening of some selected plant species of Tanawal area, Pakistan

By: Fozia Bibi, Habib Ahmad, Rizwana Aleem Qureshi, Nighat Shaheen, Sadia Tabbasum, Shujaul-Mulk, Sumaira Sahreen, Ghazala Shaheen

Key Words: Ethno medicinal attributes, Antioxidant screening, Tanawal, Pakistan.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(1), 237-254, July 2016.



Mountainous constituencies and surrounding areas of the Himalayas are gorgeous not only in medicinally noteworthy plant species but also in traditional understanding. The overall thrust of the present research was to investigate the ethno medicinal attributes and gather evidences concerning the various native uses, especially the medicinal curative plants and their importance in Tanawal valley and assess scavenging antioxidant activity by using 1, 1-diphenyl-2- picrylhydrazyl (DPPH). An overall of 48 taxa are reported as being used in the vicinity for numerous purposes by cross-examining 79 local, elderly persons from 12 rural communities on the subject of the traditional usages of wild food plants, medicinal foods, and home-made medical preparations. FL%, UV and FIC were calculated on the basis of highest FL, U.V and F.I.C eight plants were carefully chosen to detect antioxidant prospective in them using DPPH method.Our results recommend that leaves and flowers are the chief plant fragments used in most of the recipes and widely held recipes are prepared in the form of tea and infusion from newly collected plant parts. Frequently a single species are used and are mostly taken orally. Highest activity is shown by Nasturtium officinale (R.Br), Achyranthusaspera Linn,Tegeteserecta L, Pistaciaintegrrima(J.L Stewart ex Brandis) and Daphne oleoides L. with 100μgm/ml. All the plants display a noteworthy magnitude, of antioxidant activity at their lower concentrations also (at 25μgm/ml). It is clearly publicized that all the selected plant species have a great influence to show the antioxidant abilities in them.


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