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Estimation of genetic diversity in Cupressus sempervirens growing in different ecological zones of Malakand Division, KP, Pakistan

By: Nazim Hassan, SyedFazal Wadood, Habib Ullah, Muhammad Zahoor, Murad Khan, Asif Khan, Muhammad Nisar

Key Words: Genotype, SDS-PAGE, Locus variation, Genetic diversity

Int. J. Biosci. 8(5), 15-21, May 2016.



The nature and magnitude of geographic genetic diversity among 11 genotypes of Pakistani Cupressussempervirens was studied through Sodium DodecylSulphate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE).Five populations representing different ecological conditions were sampled. A total of five loci (bands) were detected in the collected germplasm of cupresses sempervirens genotypes. Only one locus (locus-1) was found monomorphic while the remaining were polymorphic loci. Out of polymorphic loci, locus-5 showed a high degree of intra-specific locus variation (ISLV) i.e. 54.54% followed by Locus-3 which indicated 36.36%ISLVin the collected germplasm of C. sempervirence genotypes. Intra specie locus contribution towards genetic dis-agreement (LCTGD) was 80%. It was found that the genotypes of each zone occupied separate cluster in the dendrogram.PCA was carried out to complement the cluster analysis information.SDS-PAGE profiling based on two-way cluster plotting successfully resolved the genotypes on the basis of zone distribution. For better understanding of the genetic structure of C. sempervirencefurther analysis using dominant molecular markers are recommended.


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