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Effects of Annona squamosa leaf extract on Mus musculus exposed to mercury acetate

By: Joycelyn C. Jumawan, Edna A. Amparado

Key Words: Annona squamosa, Oxidative stress, Mercuric acetate.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(1), 255-267, July 2016.



The effects of solo and combinatorial exposure to ethanolic extract of Annona squamosa Linn. leaves and mercuric acetate (MA) were studied in gestating ICR mice and their fetuses in-utero. Results show that mercuric acetate significantly increased maternal mortality and fetal resorption index while inducing decreased fetal size. Exposure of mercuric acetate and leaf extract doses significantly enhanced this effect. Solo exposure of ethanolic extract at 25 mg/kg body weight induced abortion and resorption of embryos to a lesser extent than combinatorial exposure. Lipid peroxidation assay reveal lower MDA values in liver and brain of maternal mice exposed to solo and combinatorial exposure but not with their fetal counterpart. Maternal mice and fetuses exposed to leaf extract of A. squamosa with MA show marked hepatic and neurologic histological injury similar to positive control. The results suggest that A. squamosa leaves have the potential to protect against mercury-induced oxidative stress in maternal mice but may not be applied during gestation


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