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Effect of feeding Prosopis cineraria leaves on methanogens, rumen fermentation, growth performance, blood biochemical constitute and nutrient utilization, in rumen content of Lambs and Kids

By: A. R. Agrawal, S. A. Karim, M. K. Tripathi, Rajiv Kumar, P. J. John

Key Words: Rumen fermentation, Microbial enzyme, Lambs, Kids, Digestibility.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(2), 1-15, August 2016.



This study was designed to investigate the effect of feeding Prosopis cineraria leaves with lamb ration on methanogens, growth performance, nutrient utilization, rumen fermentation and microbial hydrolytic enzymes status during pre weaning phase of Lambs and kids and they allowed suckling twice daily until 90 days of age, concentrate and forage were provided ad libitum. Lambs and kids were weighted at weekly intervals and metabolism study was conducted on eight representative lambs and kids of uniform body weight, at 180 days of age. Lambs and kids consumed 614.4 and 531.7 g feed (DM) daily, which accounted 2.64 and 2.82 % of body weight, and 57.9 and 58.7 g/kgW0.75 (metabolic body weight) respectively. Animals were in positional nitrogen balance % intake and inter species variations did not observe. Serum biochemical and mineral content were also not different between, except total cholesterol which was (114.4mg/dl) higher in kids. Extra-cellular activity of α-amylase and carboxy-methyl-cellulase (CMCase) was higher in lambs, while cellular activity of α-amylase was higher in kids.. Therefore, it is concluded that under high plane of nutrition inter species variations in digestible capabilities and performance attributes did not exhibited in lambs and kids. Amplified PCR sequences of methanogen ribosomal RNAs were analyzed and submitted to Gene Bank. These sequences were BLAST aligned in NCBI, showing 99% similarity with other sequence of sheep, cattle, and buffalo with exception of one sequence (Accession no-KP752400), may be unique to this geographical location.


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