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Effect of drought on the growth of tomatoes genotypes

By: Rizwan Taj Khan, Syed Dilnawaz Ahmed Gerdezi, Syed Rizwan Abbas, Attiya Batool

Key Words: Tomatoes, PEG, Drought stress, Growth.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(1), 421-429, July 2016.



Drought stress reduces the yield and production of tomato ( Lycopersicon esculentum L). To assess the effect of drought stress on the growth and yield of tomato a pot experiment was conducted in green house condition Garris Dopatta, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Twenty six genotypes of tomato were evaluated for morphological characters. They were subjected to drought stress during vegetative growth by using Poly ethylene glycol (PEG-6000) at different concentrations ranging from, 0% (control), 5%, 7.5%, 10% and 12.5%. The Morphological parameters compared were number of branches, number of leaves, Plant height, internodal distance, number of flowers, number of trusses, number of fruits, root length, root diameter. Polyethylene glycol showed significant effect on the production of number of branches. The maximum number of branches were recorded at control leading to minimum were at highest level of the drought. Maximum number of branches (10.667) at control and 2 at 12.5% PEG were found in genotype G 31-19289. Plant height data also indicated show that drought stress adversely affects the plant height. The maximum plant height 184 cm was recorded in genotype G 31-19289 at control and 70cm at 12.5% PEG. Similar trends in number of leaves and number of flowers were recorded. The number of fruits were also recorded and showed the similar pattern. The internodal distance decreased with the decreasing plant height. The number of trusses, the root length and root diameter also indicated the similar trend. However root length was better in genotype G8-19219 and its diameter was higher in genotype G 7-88572. Genotype 31-19289 proved to be the best performing under drought stress compared with other genotypes.

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