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Effect of different application rates of organic, inorganic and farmyard manure fertilizer on Zea mays L., growth and yield production

By: Zahoor Ahmed, Tariq Ismail, Kanval Shaukat, Abdul Qadir, Saima Masood, Asma Yousafzai

Key Words: Zea mays, NPK, Urea, Farm yard manure

Int. J. Biosci. 9(4), 321-327, October 2016.



Maize is highly cultivated cereal crop in the world, due to its nutritional value it use as a staple food for human and fodder for livestock. The research was carried out by sowing of maize under the natural conditions by using four treatments (Control, Urea, FYM and NPK) in Randomized Complete Block Design. The NPK treated plot showed the maximum average height 188.27cm and the minimum average height 139.26cm was observed in control plants. Growth and yield parameters showed significant results by the use of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash, i.e. average 2.3 cobs/plant and average 450.8 seeds/cob followed by Urea and Farm Yard Manure while control plots showed average 1.5 cobs/plant and average 359.75 seeds/cob were the minimal numbers of cobs and grains.

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