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Diagnosis of the floristic diversity of Ain Skhouna (Steppe West-Algerian)

By: Anteur Djamel, Mederbal Khelladi, Z. Belhacini Fatima, Baghdadi Djilali, Gourari Bariza, Marouf Baghdad

Key Words: Diversity, Flora, Degradation, Ain Skhouna, West-Algerian

Int. J. Biosci. 9(4), 292-296, October 2016.



This work allowed making an assessment of the floristic diversity of Ain Skhouna, in Western Algeria, based on the phytoecological aspect, biological and biogeographically of this heritage. Given the nature of the problem to be addressed, we used the Zuricho Montpelieraine developed by Braun-Blanquet method, this method is to harvest all plant species encountered, and list species on a surface plot (IEA minimum), the floristic surveys according to the method of Braun-Blanquet. The floristic diversity is relatively low compared to other areas of the South-west Algeria areas, it is closely linked to the severe climatic conditions coupled with a strong action anthropozoique which translates by the preponderance of species such as: Artemisia herba-alba, Atriplex halimus, Peganum harmala, Salsola vermiculata. Currently the conservation of different taxa is scientific priorities for assessment and management of this biological heritage.

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