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Correlation analysis of morphological and fiber quality traits in upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

By: Shakil Ahmad, Sajid Fiaz, Aamir Riaz, Ikram Bashir, Aqib Zeb

Key Words: Cotton, Fiber quality, Linkage analysis, Morphological

Int. J. Biosci. 9(4), 200-208, October 2016.



Fiber quality is the main consideration for ginners and most complex trait for breeder point of view as it depends on interaction of genetic makeup of plant and environment. To meet this objective, two parents B557, FH153 and their F2 population were evaluated for the existence of genetic variability for the characters under study during 2014-2015, at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. The experiment was carried out in a randomized complete block (RCB) design with three replications. Data were recorded for Plant height (cm), Internodal distance (cm), Number of monopodia, Number of sympodial, Leaf hairiness, Pedicel length (cm), Boll size, Number of bolls per plant, Boll weight (g), Ginning out turn (%), Fiber fineness (µg/inch), Fiber strength (g/tex), Staple length (mm), Seed cotton yield per plant (g). The obtained data were analyzed through correlation analysis at 0.01 and 0.05 significance level. The traits under study showed considerable range of genetic variability. The parent FH153 had maximum mean value for plant height (96.4cm), sympodial branches (10.33), boll weight (3.02g), fiber finess (5.13 µg/ inch), fiber strength (21.49g/tex) and staple length (27.53mm). Parent B557 showed maximum (1.68cm) pedicel length whereas, F2 population had maximum (3.45cm) internodal distance, monopodial branches per plant (3.01), leaf hairiness was of profuse, medium and sparse, boll size was of small, medium and large, number of bolls per plant (24.91) and lint percentage (38.62%). The results also show that linkage of these traits did not affect yield so can be used as selection criteria for future cotton breeding programs.


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