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Comparison of the antioxidant activities, phenolic and flavonoids contents of the leaves-crud extracts of Moringa peregrine and Moringa oleifera

By: Mohamed A. El-Awady, Mohamed M. Hassan, El-Sayed S. Abdel-Hameed,Ahmed Gaber

Key Words: Antioxidant activities, phenolic, flavonoids contents, Moringa peregrine and Moringa oleifera.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(1), 55-62, January 2016.



Moringa peregrine and Moringa oleifera are used in folk medicine and grows widely in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and India. In the present study, the total potential antioxidant activities, reducing powers and total phenolic and flavonoids contents of methanol and water extracts of the leave-crud extracts of
the two moringa species, M. peregrine in comparison to those of M. oleifera, were determined. Generally, of the extracts tested, the methanol extracts for the two species showed higher potent antioxidant activities, reducing power and phenolic and flavonoids contents than water extracts. Therefore, the methanol extract of Moringa peregrine had the higher antioxidant activity (265.49±4.12mg ascorbic acid equivalent /g extract), higher reducing power (335.89±18.02mg equivalent to ascorbic acid/g extract), total phenolic contents (137.53±8.05mg gallic acid equivalent/g extract) and higher total flavonoids contents (33.40±1.74mg quercetin equivalent/g extract).There was a strong correlation between antioxidant activity and total phenolic contents. Therefore, the increase of the antioxidant activity in M. pregrena is mainly by the attribution of the phenolic compounds as major component. Thus, there was a strong correlation between the reducing powers and the total phenolic contents of the extracts. These results combined show that Moringa peregrine is better source of antioxidant than Moringa oleifera.


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