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Comparative study of effect of TYLCV and Septoria blight on F3 tomato lines

By: Mehboob Ahmad, Zishan Gul, Mazhar Iqbal, Bilal Ahmad Khan, Zaheer Ullah khan, Muhammad Shahid, Adil Rehman

Key Words: TYLCV, Septoria blight, F3 lines, Tomato.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(5), 229-235, May 2016.



The project was undertaken to compare the effect of TYLCV and Septoria blight infection on F3 population of tomato (Solanum Lycopercicum L) lines in order to find which of two diseases is more destructive and to screen resistant F3 lines. The research was conducted at Hazara agricultural research station Abbottabad during August-December 2015.Variablity data indicates that CV(co-efficient of variation) was highest for yield/plant(123.72%) followed by No of fruits/plant while lowest CV was noted for TYLCV severity and incidence. Minimum range for all the parameters was 0 while, maximum range for TYLCV and septoria blight severity was recorded to be 5.Maximum range for TYLCV and septoria blight incidence was noted to be 100. Maximum range of yield/plant,fruit weight and number of fruits was found to be 650,70, and 9,respectively.Negative value of correlation was found between TYLCV severity and incidence to yield and yield components. Data collected on TYLCV severity and incidence exhibits that the disease has caused reduction in yield and No of fruits to zero in some lines i.e L4,L6,L11,L12 and L13 while Septoria blight severity and incidence results shows that the disease has moderate effect on yield i.e in L5 and L14,inspite of highest disease severity (5), yield/plant was recorded as 166.5grams and 180 grams.


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