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Cellulase Catalyzed Bioconversion of Different Waste Paper Materials into Fermentable Sugars

By: K. Mashadi, P. Mokatse, J. Pieter, H. Van Wyk

Key Words: Wastepaper, saccharification, bioenergy, cellulase, cellulose.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(2), 66-76, February 2016.



The search and development of alternative and renewable energy resources are issues that should become more topical as the negative effect of fossil fuels on the environment is experienced. Also of environmental importance is the management of huge volumes of solid waste produced annually. Waste paper is the major component of organic solid waste and during this investigation the relative saccharification of eight different waste paper materials with cellulase from Trichoderma viride has been concluded. Different sugar releasing patterns have revealed the difference in susceptibility of different organic waste materials for cellulase catalyzed bioconversion into sugars. The highest extent of degradation was observed with brown envelope paper followed by cardboard while the least susceptibility for this process of degradation was experienced with newspaper. The pH value of all incubation mixtures changes between values of pH 5.0 to pH 7.0 during the 51 hours of cellulase catalyzed bioconversion.


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