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Bio-efficacy of Pseudomonas fluorescens isolated from chickpea fields as plant growth promoting rhizobacteria

By: Shazia Shahzaman, Muhammad Inam-Ul-Haq, Shagufta Bibi, Muhammad Sufyan, Adeela Altaf, Umair Mehmood, Raees Ahmed

Key Words: Pseudomonas fluorescens, Plant growth promotion, Fusarium oxysporum, In vitro.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(4), 138-146, October 2016.



Chickpea is an economically important food crop, which is subjected to infection by a host of fungal, viral and bacterial pathogens. Thirty isolates of Pseudomonas fluorescens were isolated from the rhizosphere of Chickpea fields. These were tested against F. oxysporum in dual culture method. Among these, four (Pf 1, Pf 3, Pf 5 and Pf 8) isolates were showed bright fluorescence under UV light were further tested. All the cultural and biochemical studies confirmed them to be P. fluorescens. The isolates also showed positive response for siderophore production and plant growth promoting activity on Chickpea cultivar Bital 98. Among these isolates Pf 3 and Pf 5 shown significant results by increasing root length and shoot length. Both the Pf 3 and Pf 5 isolates were found significantly superior than other isolates in increasing the shoot length (12.7 cm) and root length (24.5 cm) over control. The isolates Pf 3 was recorded high vigor index (3830) followed by Pf 5 (3648). The least vigor index was recorded by Pf 1 (2631).

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