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Assessment of herbicides and mulches against weeds and yield of chickpea cultivars

By: Muhammad Waqas, Ijaz Ahmad Khan, Asad Siraj Abu-Rizaiza, MuhammadZahid Ihsan, Ihsanullah Daur

Key Words: Weeds, Chickpea, Herbicide, Mulches, Karak-III.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(1), 282-290, July 2016.



To enhance crop yield by reducing weeds infestation has become one of the challenging aspects in agriculture. For this purpose a field study was conducted to check the efficacy of different weed control techniques in chickpea crop. Randomized Complete Block with split plot arrangement was the experimental design. Main plots were assigned with chickpea cultivars (Karak-I, Sheenghar and Karak-III) while different weeds control treatments were assigned to subplots respectively. Results showed that weeds infestation had significant impact on chickpea growth and yield. The findings revealed that hand weeding followed by commercial herbicides depicted least density and biomass for weeds while among mulch treatments, black plastic mulch presented superior control for weeds. Similarly the cultivar Karak-III presented sufficient competitiveness to weeds in comparison to other cultivars. Interaction of hand weeding and black plastic mulch with Karak-III cultivar displayed the significant results in term of growth and yield parameters. Economic analysis revealed that the utmost income to farmer (1:2.18) in term of added cost was obtained from Stomp 330EC fallowed by Dual Gold 960EC (1:1.94) and hand weeding (1:1.91) while among different mulch treatments the maximum cost benefit ratio (1:1.68) was recorded for black plastic mulch. Hence the present study concluded that hand weeding and herbicide i.e. Stomp 330EC obtain maximum weed control, high yield and net income. Correspondingly, in rainfed regions black plastic mulch could be a good option for successful weed management and positive impact on crop due to their additional benefit of moisture conservation.


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