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Sustainable Production of Banana, Musa acuminata × balbisiana Colla (ABB Group) cv ‘Cardaba’ through integrated crop management

By: Rowena P. Varela, Norman P. Gonzales

Key Words: Integrated crop management, Sustainable production, Cardaba banana, Raw material supply.

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 9(2), 171-179, August 2016.


Integrated crop management technology is a compilation of technologies for disease management and cultural practices for cardaba banana. To evaluate the fitness of the ICM technology to local conditions, on-site evaluation on the effectiveness and efficiency of the technology was conducted in banana-growing communities. The results reveal that most cardaba banana farmers do not adopt technologies for cultural management. They have no experience in fertilization, sucker removal, irrigation and drainage and the use of tissue-cultured planting materials. They, however, implemented basic practices such as weeding and deleafing. In the on-farm experiment, bananas in plots receiving ICM technology intervention have significant advantage over those under the Farmers’ Practice. In general, bananas with technology intervention are taller and sturdier with more functional leaves. The same trend was noted in the reproductive performance, which resulted to higher income. However, the cost-benefit ratio in the 1st year of production is not significantly different between the area with technology intervention and Farmers’ Practice. Sustaining the practice until 5 years when replanting is required can be more economically rewarding.


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