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Evaluation of Balkan wheat cultivars for grain yield stability based on the GGE biplot analysis

By: Boshev Dane, Jankulovska Mirjana, Ivanovska Sonja, Azemov Irfan, Kamberi Mensur

Key Words: Wheat, GGE biplot, Yield, Genotype, Environment.

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 8(5), 32-38, May 2016.


The objective of this study was to evaluate and quantify the magnitude of the genotype x environment interaction effects on wheat grain yield and to determine the winning genotype for the test environment. During ten years (2003-2013), 44 wheat cultivars from six Balkan countries were tested at three locations (Skopje, Strumica and Prilep) in Republic of Macedonia. The average grain yield data were subjected to the GGE biplot analysis. These analysis depicted the adaptation pattern of genotypes at different locations and discrimination ability of testing locations. Genotypes 27, 28 and 21 had the highest average yield and were the most stable genotypes. Out of the three locations, Strumica was identified as the most discriminative and representative location.


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