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Agronomic performance and farmers perception on zinc enriched rice BRRI dhan62

By: MS Islam, MJ Rahman, MR Karim, MA Kabir, TA Qurashi

Key Words: Zinc enriched rice, Agronomic performance, Farmers perception.

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 9(2), 198-204, August 2016.


Newly developed zinc enriched rice variety BRRI dhan62 was evaluated along with three other short maturing Transplanted Aman (wet season) rice varieties namely BINA dhan7, BRRI dhan33 and BRRI dhan56 at six different locations of Bangladesh during 2014. The study was laid out in randomized complete block design where each of the six dispersedly located locations act as replications. Agronomic performance, yield and yield components were determined at maturity. Economic performance and farmer’s perceptions on the newly developed zinc enriched rice BRRI dhan62 were measured after harvest. Maximum genotypic difference was 12% in plant height, ranging from 122 to 109 cm among the tested varieties where BRRI dhan62 was the shortest and BRRI dhan56 was the tallest plant. The maximum grain yield was obtained from BINA dhan7 (5.70 ton h-1) which was similar with BRRI dhan33 and minimum grain yield was obtained from BRRI dhan62 (4.78 ton h-1) that was statistically similar with BRRI dhan56. BINA dhan7 gave maximum yield compared to other because of its maximum panicle number m-2. The highest yielding variety BINA dhan7 produced highest productivity day-1 (55 kg) which was statistically similar with BRRI dhan62 (51 kg) and lowest productivity day-1 was found BRRI dhan56 (48 kg). BRRI dhan33 produced highest benefit cost ratio (2.33) compared to other variety and BRRI dhan62 and BRRI dhan56 produced lowest benefit cost ratio (2.16). The short maturing characteristic of BRRI dhan62 was most preferred attribute by the farmers rather than higher yield or higher zinc content.


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